JB Multimedia Showreel 2015

World class content production

JB Multimedia Studios is a Lagos [Nigeria] based independent production company committed to the very best local content, presented, as it has never been seen before. Primarily focused on documentaries and short films, we also work with clients in finding more dynamic ways of getting their message across via video and new media. At JB Multimedia Studios we believe that Nigerian content can be better appreciated locally and internationally if properly put together and showcased on the right platform. We therefore aim to produce local content to the highest quality available internationally and carefully place them where they will be most appreciated and understood.

At the heart of any media company is the production crew.With a collective production experience of over 30 years, our production crew includes award-winning cinematographers, radio broadcasters, video editors and producers, whose works have been showcased on prestigious media platforms like Mnet, Ben TV (UK) and Al Jazerra.


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